Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Around the World in 10 Weeks: Oceans

The next day we finished our introduction to Geography with Oceans. 
The girls played with the ocean life toys we had in our Oceans box. 

Then after talking about all the oceans we made an Ocean in a Bottle. 
This was a really cool experiment. Fun to make and fun to play with. 
It is basically a 2 liter bottle that we filled part way with water, then we added vegetable oil and a few drops of blue food coloring. 

It was really cool to make "waves" with it. 

We added some ocean life buttons to it and they were a bit disappointing as they just congregated at one spot. 

Next, after talking about the different ocean zones, we did another experiment. 
We layered different things to create our ocean zones.
For the trench zone we poured in corn syrup. 
Then for the abyss we used blue dish soap. 
For midnight zone we used water with a few drops of blue food coloring in it. 
Then tinted oil for the twilight. 
Lastly, for the sunlight zone we used rubbing alcohol. 

Everything layered quite well. 
It is hard to see but in person you could make out the very subtle differences between each zone. 

After that, the girls made little aquariums with paper plates, crayons, and goldfish crackers. 

Then we played a game of Bingo. 

Then we made a booklet about the Ocean zones. 
We folded over a piece of paper and then layered different colors on each zone. 
Then we cut in between each zone so that they opened like a little door. 

They could decorate and write however they wanted in each zone. 

They really enjoyed this activity.

Abi (and then Maddy soon after) made these little fish stickers into Angler fish. 

For lunch we kept to the theme by having macaroni and cheese shells, a hot dog octopus, cheesy goldfish crackers, and vanilla cupcake goldfish crackers for dessert. 

They loved that. 
We did a few more activities throughout the day. 
This is what the bulletin board looked like after these two days. 
Such fun!

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