Monday, July 13, 2015

Scottish Festival

This year we attended the Scottish Festival at Thanksgiving Point for the first time. 
We didn't really know what to expect since this was our first time. 
We didn't do as much as I wanted but it was really hot and the girls weren't as excited about it as we were. 
Next year, we will know more of what to expect and will try to see more!

We did get a glimpse of some highland games going on. 

But most of our time was spent waiting for the opening ceremonies- the main reason we came. 

The opening ceremonies were really cool. 
You can see all my pictures from that on Scones and Crackers. 
Check it out here.

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The Kings said...

I think that looks like fun...glad you all had fun. I just noticed recently that Payson had their Scottish Festival. Next year you may want to come down here and see if it is any good?!