Monday, July 6, 2015

Maddy's dance recital

In June, Maddy had her dance recital. 
We were so excited for this. 
Her class this term was only her and one other little girl. 
They had the cutest costumes and a really fun song. 
I had to curl her hair which took forever but looked so pretty after. 
I got this picture of her as we left for the recital. 

Her teacher was the host. She had a new teacher this term too. And she was awesome. She really relates well to kids and was really laid back. 

I had my camera on the wrong setting at first so I missed an awesome moment. 
Maddy came running out on stage at the beginning of the program all by herself in front of the curtain and started doing her dance without music. It was really funny. 
Her teacher came out and got her. 
Later, when it was their turn she brought both girls back out to start the dance. 

I took a video of her dancing. Unfortunately I wasn't watching through the camera the whole time so it is a little blurry (plus I was very new to the camera!) and very shaky... but you can still see how cute she looked!

After the recital we picked Maddy up at the kid area. She looked so happy.

We got her a rose. 

We had her give her teacher a rose too. 

My mom and dad came to the recital. 

And then they took us all out to ice cream before we went home. 

It was such a fun night!


Holly said...

Cute! I love kids at dance recitals. I have such fun memories of watching Emma at dance recital. What a great evening for you all! Tell Maddy she did a great job!

Seth and Julie said...

She looks so pretty! Good thing she learned the dance so well. In a group that small there is no one to hide behind.

cheryl said...

Thanks guys! I will pass along the nice comments to her.
YEs Julie so true. In fact, if you were listening you would have heard laughter toward the end. I had the camera tuned in on Maddy only but if I had been showing both girls you would have seen that the other little girl put her dress up over her head. :)

The Kings said...

Oh so cute!!! Just watched the video and she was awesome!