Monday, June 22, 2015

Princess Academy

The day after school got out we went to BYU to see their play of Shannon Hale's Princess Academy. 

We had just finished reading it for our Bookworm Club so the girls were excited to see it. 
We were a little bit early so we walked around the campus bookstore for a few minutes. 
There we found Hagrid!
They were pretty excited about that since we had just started reading Harry Potter. 

I bought the cheapest tickets and just pushed 'best available' when I got them. 
It worked out well because we were almost center in the second row!

The set didn't change the entire play and it was a lot more low-budget than I assumed it would be but it was still pretty good. 
Most of the actors did well. 
The ones that played Miri and Gerti were especially good. 
It was a fun outing.


Donna said...

That would be fun to see. I liked that book. I'm surprised they didn't change the set at all.

The Kings said...

I think it is great that you do so many things with the girls!

cheryl said...

Donna- yeah I was a little surprised with the set too. They made do and every once in a while would add something- a few books hanging from the ceiling and stools on the ground for the school, etc. But it was definitely low budget.

Mom- thanks!