Wednesday, June 17, 2015

May Random

I do tend to do a lot of random posts. By the time I get to posting it seems there are so many pictures I want to post that don't fit anywhere! 
Like this one of Abi. 
She came out of her room one night "dressed up". 
The scarf and hairband are made with fabric she sewed together. 

We couldn't make it to my nephew's graduation but after taking Abi to a birthday party right after school for her best friend, Doug and I took Maddy to the restaurant my family was meeting at to celebrate him. 
It was fun to see everyone and hang out for awhile. 

The next Sunday was my niece Mckenna's missionary farewell. 
It was so nice. 
It felt like a reception!

My brother Brent making Abi laugh...

Maddy collided with a bookshelf in our hallway and got her first really huge bruised knot on her head. It was pretty sad. She was crying for a while. 

Maddy her last class for dance this year.
It was the day before her recital and her teacher let Abi come in to dance the last freeze dance.
I can't wait for dance to start up again next August!
She never admits how much she loves it but it is very obvious that she does.
I love watching her dance!


Seth and Julie said...

Holy goose egg on Maddy's head. Ouch! She always reminds me so much of Chloe. They are both so spunky and Chloe also loves to dance. Where is your niece going on her mission?

cheryl said...

Yes! Chloe reminds me of Maddy too. They both have that spunky, charming personality!
McKenna is going to Portland, Washington. She is in the MTC now.

Donna said...

Abi looks almost like a teenager in that first picture!

The Kings said...

Thanks for the pictures! Random is great!!

cheryl said...

I know! I just took some pictures at the zoo the other day and when I texted Doug a picture he wrote back that ABi looked like a teenager in it. It's crazy. Not ready for that! The creepiest thing is that boys check her out when we are in stores and I want to go tell them- she's nine. Look away.