Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Abi's simple machine project

Right before school got out, Abi's class had a simple machines fair. 
They each had to make a project using at least two simple machines and then make a poster explaining it for the fair. 
They were supposed to do all or most of the work themselves. 
I was trying to help Abi come up with some ideas but then one night she came out of her room and had built this all by herself. 
It is a ramp (simple machine #1) and a car that comes down it (wheels and axle's making machine #2). A string connected to some gates at the bottom of the ramp opens up the gates when pulled on from the back (machine #3) and allows the car to drive into the garage. 
The only thing we helped her with was tying on the string. 
We were really proud of her that she came up with it and built it herself. 

Maddy and I really enjoyed getting to go to the fair and see it in action.

Abi and her best friend Charlotte had a lot of fun playing with Maddy while we were there. 

And when she got her grade back, she got 16 points out of 15!


Seth and Julie said...

I am so impressed that she did not want help and did this on her own. Did you end up liking the school you moved her to? You did move her, right? or did you leave her at the same school but in the GAT program? I can't remember, but either way, were you happy with it?

cheryl said...

We love her school! Her principal is the first one I have seen since we left Pleasant Prairie elementary that actually has a presence in the school. I'm pretty sure I never saw her principal in Saratoga Springs. Ever.
We were lucky that even though we were leaving Utah county we were able to transfer her test scores to the Canyons district advanced program and then we had a choice of a few schools in the district. One of them turned out to be less than 5 minutes from our house so that's the one we chose and it has been a spectacular experience! She loves it.
And Maddy gets to go there too for K next year since Abi does. I was worried that they would have to be in two different schools since it is not our neighborhood school. So it has all worked out really well.

The Kings said...

Cute...really cute!