Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fun Run

A couple of weeks ago, Abigail's school had a Fun Run for a PTA fundraiser. 
The kids had to gather pledge money and then run a mile. 
Abi said we needed to get there early so she could get a free t-shirt so we got there around 30 minutes early. 
It was pretty fun to go to the high school Doug and I went to for the event!

She got her shirt!
The girls just played around on the track while we waited. 

Maddy asked if she could just run around the whole track. 
I think she felt a lot of freedom being able to just run and be so far away from us. 

Little pink dot. 

Maddy ran pretty fast. 

Then she decided to keep going!

She kept going until she had gone a whole mile. 

There was a little confusion about when it was starting. 
Soon it was the time we thought it was starting and Abi and her friends starting running!

Lap one almost done!

When Abi was half done a crowd started gathering and we realized that it was actually just starting but we had her just keep going and stop when she got to a mile. 

Mile done!

They were having Chick fi la there to buy and we had promised the girls we would get that for dinner but we ended up talking them into just going to the restaurant itself so we could get out of the rain and cold. 

It was a really fun fundraiser. Abi raised $50 and the school itself raised $20,000!


The Kings said...

Good job girls! Abi I am proud of you finishing your run and earning $50!

cheryl said...

She did great and was so excited!

Seth and Julie said...

$20,000 is crazy! I guess I should quit blowing off these things when our school does them and attempt to help raise some money. That's impressive that both of your girls got their little legs all the way through that mile.

LeShel said...

Awesome! Both girls ran a mile! That's amazing!

Donna said...

How fun! I wish John's school would do this for a fundraiser, it's a good idea.