Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Abi's last day of school

Abi's last day of third grade was on June 5th. 
I was very excited that it meant summer was really about to start!

Last day as a third grader!

My parents came by to drop something off and stayed with Maddy while I went to get Abi after school. 
It was a half day. 
I thought she would come out running with a big grin on her face. 

But she was actually sad to leave her favorite teacher she has had so far and her friends. 
I reminded her that it is possible to see her friends over the summer!

She did get really excited though once she saw the banner on our door. 

And she loved bursting through it!

I always do some kind of surprise for the girls on the last day of school. 
This year it was creativity supplies. 
I set them up in their room at a table I moved into there. 
They were excited!

They got right to work. 

We said goodbye to my parents and then went to a new park to have a picnic and play for awhile. 
I let the girls have lunchables because, for some reason, they love those things. 

They played until they were worn out and ready to get out of the heat. 
Then we went home to prepare for Maddy's preschool graduation that night. 
I went through Abi's backpack when we got home and found this:

Silly kid probably would have never shown it to me. 


Seth and Julie said...

We also did art supplies for the last day of school. Of course I am not organized enough to do it as a surprise. We just went to Hobby Lobby and got what we wanted and came up with the plan to draw one picture every day before using anything with a plug or battery or internet access. I still picture Abi the way she was back in our old play group. I am amazed that these kids are upper classmen in Elementary School.

cheryl said...

I know! I do that too and then I see Alex and Gabe and think what the heck? When did these kids start growing up. I miss those days!

The Kings said...

What a fun last day of school surprise which you always have done since Abi started school! You make it so much fun! And I am so proud of Abi and her special award!

cheryl said...

Thanks mom. It was a lot of fun!