Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fan X: The Hotel and Day 2

After the Doctor Who experience and wandering around we decided to head back to our hotel. 
We were staying in the Plaza at Temple Square. 
It was a really decent price. And a short walk to the conference center so it worked out perfectly. 
We didn't feel like going out to dinner somewhere so we decided to order in room service!
We got quesadilla's and they were SO GOOD! 
We had so much fun getting into jammies and just relaxing in the room.

Our view...

The next morning we went down to the JB's that is connected to the hotel for our breakfast. 
We were tired but ready for another fun day at Fan X!

We knew Billie Piper (Rose from Doctor Who that we met yesterday and saw at the panel the night before) was going to be doing her own panel so we thought we would like to go to that. 
And then we found out that they had announced that Carrie Fisher was going to do a panel!
She originally wasn't going to be able to do one because of Star Wars coming out soon but they said she could do a short one and no Star Wars questions. 
It was going to be in the same room as Billie's panel and they wouldn't make us leave after so this was working out perfectly. Get in line once and get seats to both!
Here we are waiting in line.

Soon we had our seats and were ready for the show to begin!
I saw one of my best friends from high school- Jason. That was fun.
Billie was adorable. She is just really down to earth and funny.

We really enjoyed being able to see her again. 
As we were waiting for Carrie Fisher's panel there was a parade on the stage of Star Wars cosplayers. 

And lots of freaking out when she came out. 
And most of my pictures have unicorn man in them... (who was with my old friend)

She came out and asked if anyone had a Coke. One person ran one up to her but it was diet and she asked if anyone had the real thing. 
This guy ran up with one and she gave him a hug and planted a big kiss on him. 
It was the funniest thing. 
I didn't get a good picture of it so I was really glad Comic Con had this picture up. 

Her dog came out with her and had this funny thing where it's tongue is always hanging out the sides. 
She was really funny and it was so much fun be there for this!

After the panels we went to the celebrity row to decide what to do next. 
I just happened to take some pictures along the way and got this dude in the yellow shirt.... he was our not so good volunteer later in the day.

I had to take a picture of Princess Celestia for Abi. 

There was this big dinosaur walking around. That was pretty cool. 

And this awesome group of cosplayers. 

This cosplayer was my very favorite. 
If you watch Once Upon A Time you will notice how much he totally looked like Captain Hook. It was amazing how well he did. 

Comic Con actually had a better picture than I did. 

There were a lot of people we would have liked to meet but we just didn't have the time (nor the cash) for them all so we decided on one more. 
Tom Felton 
(Draco in Harry Potter)
We were in line for an insanely long time- over 3 hours. 
We got our lunch and ate in line so we wouldn't be wasting the time completely. 
That volunteer from before was letting people cut in. It was crazy. 
But then we got to meet him. I should have got a picture with him because he was doing that at the table (a lot of them weren't) but I didn't. 
We got his autograph and shook his hand. He was SO nice. 

After meeting Tom we wandered around the floor a bit and then decided we were ready to go. 
It was fairly late so we decided we would get dinner for my family on our way home and then we went back out later to pick up something for us and then watched some tv together to relax. 
It was SUCH a fun weekend. 
I'm so glad my mom is into the same things as me so I have someone to do all my nerdy stuff with!

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