Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A wall of Dinosaurs

After leaving the museum we went back to check into our hotel. 
I had reserved a family room for an awesome price. 
It had a king size bed and two queen sized beds so we knew there would be plenty of room for all of us. Turns out the couch also turned into a bed!
We were so worried about what the place would look like on the inside that after I got the key everyone stayed in the car while I went in and checked out the place and made sure it was bed bug free. 
I was very pleasantly surprised when I walked in and quickly gathered the rest of the family to bring our stuff in. 
This is the view from the doorway. The couch on the left along with lots of shelves, a tv, and a fridge. Next to me on the right (not in the picture) was a small table and two chairs. 
You can see one of the queen beds on the right and into the other part of the room with the King sized bed and the other tv. Abi is standing in the doorway to the bathroom area. 
The two queens...
The King bed...

When you went into the bathroom there was this huge space with a sink and mirror and then another door that led to another sink and mirror, the toilet, and the shower. 
They left two toy dinosaurs on the counter for the girls too. 
It was so nice. 
I definitely recommend this place and if you every find yourselves in Vernal get the family room!

After taking all of our things in and playing for a few minutes we went back out to the car and drove out to the Quarry. 
You have to go into the visitor center on the off season and wait for a ranger to come back. Then all of the cars follow them up to the actual quarry. 

The Visitor Center

On one side of this bridge they had a sign asking what you think it is made of and then on this side they have the answer. It used to be a railway car. 

Then you get up to the Quarry and it is amazing. 
One huge wall FULL of real life dinosaur bones. 
They even had some in one area that you could touch. 

In this display on the top you can see what is a fossil of dinosaur skin. The ranger said it is very rare. 

They also have the most complete skeleton of a baby stegosaurus ever found. 
They made a little plastic stegosaurus and the bones are attached to it so you can see that it really isn't much and yet it is still the most complete. 

They said this large Allosaurus skull is one of the best preserved skulls ever discovered. 

Look at this guy...

After looking around for awhile we went up to the second level so we could see the higher up fossils better. 
The girls played a little on the computers. 

Maddy danced a bit of course.

It was a really cool thing to see. 
After we were done looking at everything we got back in the car to head back into Vernal to go to the hotel. 
Maddy discovered this towel in my dad's car and decided it was her favorite for the rest of the trip and would often go under it. 

We grabbed some drinks from a local grocery store and some dinner and went back to our room to eat. 
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the new one) was on so we had a fun evening watching that together.

Then the girls crashed.
Maddy ended up sleeping on the couch.

So Abi had one queen bed to herself and I had the other one to myself and my parents took the King. 

I personally thought the beds were extremely comfortable and slept great!

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