Thursday, March 26, 2015


My mom spent the night after the book launch party and the next morning we went to the movie theater to meet my dad and go see the new Cinderella movie. 
The girls wanted to be dressed up like Cinderella!

Posing with Grandma

They posed a LOT!
We got some treats and went into get our seats. 
We were so excited. 

The movie didn't disappoint. It was great.
We all loved it.
Little Maddy is such a sensitive girl and cries in just about every movie. 
So this one was no different. 
When Cinderella's mom died she climbed into my lap and just snuggled up with tears running down her cheeks for a few moments. 
But she loved it. 

We went to lunch after. 
It was a great day!

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Donna said...

I loved Cinderella too. And I love their pretty princess dresses and Maddy's hairstyle!