Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vernal Trip: Last Day

We were warned of a storm that was supposed to be coming in on Saturday and might bring up to two or more feet of snow. 
But we still had one place we wanted to see before we left Vernal. 
We wanted to go see some hieroglyphics. 

We followed the directions to the area where they have some hiking trails. 
It was a really cool looking area. 

When we got there we parked at the little parking lot. I noticed some bunnies close by. 

Hard to see! 
I love little bunnies!

We grabbed some walking sticks and started toward one of the trails. 
It was really steep and rocky and my dad saw how the trail was going and decided to go back to the car and wait for us. 

It wasn't a very long hike nor very long but it was steep and hard to climb over some of the rocky areas.
Especially since Maddy got scared and I had to carry her most of the way.
Abi however was a little mountain goat and got up so fast.

Pretty soon we were to the end of the trail and able to see some of the pictures. 

Looking back down to the bottom...

We made our way back down. And my knees seriously hurt by the time we got to the car. It was so funny. 

I wanted to find some more of the glyphs but we could not figure out where the other trail head was. 
So we got back in the car and made our way back out of the canyon.

We noticed this painting on a cliff face on our way up and wanted to stop on our way back down to get pictures.
This must have been SO hard to do.

For the most part we were having pretty goo weather on our way back but then it started to look ominous up ahead. 

And eventually we were in this...

Thankfully it was only really bad for a few minutes and we were back into okay weather for the rest of the drive. 
We stopped in Heber to get lunch at the Train (Dairy Keen). 

After lunch we went back to my parents house and quickly switched our luggage to our van to get on our way home before the storm made its way to our area. 

We had such a fun getaway with my parents!

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