Friday, January 23, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

Our Thanksgiving started out as usual... we are definitely creatures of tradition. 
I went to the gas station to get my newspaper and a Mountain Dew (The only time I drink one anymore) and baked our sausage muffins we always have for breakfast. 
Then I made Chex Mix. 
We watched the parade while snacking and perusing the ads. 
Since we would be going to my parents house I had the girls write their letters to Santa early before they got dressed. 

Then all the letters were delivered to the magic mailbox.

Soon after, we got dressed and drove to my parent's house. 
I loved the girls' outfits. 
So adorable. 
And so fun to be with my family for Thanksgiving for the first time in, I think, 7 years.

some prep still going on...

Doug and Alex
Courtney, Maddy, Matthew, Austin, and Logan with McKenna hiding behind them.
We had a great time and then went home for baths and the girls did a craft that I had accidentally left at home. Then to bed!
I didn't go out shopping this year because the stores were just opening too dang early and I wanted to be able to hang out with family instead. 
I did go out on friday morning early and while there was one thing I missed out on, I did get an almost identical deal on Amazon on it a few days later so it was all good. 
I wish they would go back to shopping being on Friday morning everywhere. It was so much more fun. But I think I will continue to go out on Friday morning even if I miss deals.

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