Tuesday, January 27, 2015

December 1st

A few years ago we stole one of my sister's traditions and started having dinner in the dark on December 1st. 
It is such a fun tradition to have quiet Christmas music playing (I chose the Downton Abbey Christmas CD) and all the lights out in the whole house with only these two candles for light. 

After dinner we started all of our advent activities. 
First, the advent streamer. Abi got to go first.

She also got to open the first door of the Lefo friends advent. 

And Maddy got to get out our first day from the advent tree. 
It is always a new book. 

Doug gave the girls some popcorn in the new popcorn buckets from Disney World.

And we settled in to read our new book:
The Berenstain Bears Old Fashioned Christmas

Such a fun night!

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