Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Maddy and Mommy's Day of Fun!

Every year I have wanted to go to the Festival of Trees and this year I found out the dates for it only a couple of days before it started. 
I wanted Abi to be able to go too but I didn't want to take her out of school since she missed so many days for our Disney trip. 
So I talked to her about it and she said she was fine with me and Maddy going on a day while she was still in school. 
The Scholastic book fair was on the same day so Maddy and I decided to make a day of it. 
First we went to the book fair and got a few great new books. 
We also picked up a book about a Christmas Kitty... and it came with a stuffed animal. 
She took that thing everywhere for a few days and of course it had to come with us in everywhere we went this day. 
Then we went to lunch at Chick Fi La
And then on to the Festival of Trees...
We checked out the gingerbread creations first. They were amazing. Lots of houses and a few temples. And many more things. Really talented people!
Then we moved onto the trees. 
Maddy called this the Grandma tree because it had a Nutcracker theme and my mom has a lot of nutcrackers.
Our Disney trip resulted in Maddy becoming obsessed with Winnie the Pooh so she was really excited to see this Winnie the Pooh picnic...
And we had to get a picture of the Mario tree!

She wanted a picture of one of the My Little Pony trees to show Abi...

And my favorite was the Doctor Who tree!

Another of Maddy's favorites: 
The Minnie Mouse tree
We browsed around the gift areas and craft areas and then visited Santa

She was nervous at first and then warmed right up to him. 

This picture is actually from the next day but I thought I would throw it on. 
We went to Barnes and Noble and she got a giant cookie!


Donna said...

Those trees are awesome. I want to start watching Doctor Who at some point. I think I'd like it.

The Kings said...

Loved the pictures of the trees and thought that was cute about the Grandma tree! Santa and Maddy were adorable!