Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Maddy's second 5th birthday

You will be able to read all about Maddy's actual fifth birthday over on the Disney blog since we celebrated it in Disney World.
We had a sort of second birthday for her the Monday after we got back from our trip.
On her birthday she got a gift card for Build a Bear so I took her to BAB Monday while Doug was at work and Abi back at school to pick out her new friend.
This silly girl was very excited!
She picked out the big Hello Kitty they had.

Perfect amount of fluff

Getting her first bath...
She was so happy with her new friend!
That night for FHE we had a small birthday celebration. 
Abi had a gift for her. An envelope with a homemade card and a few items.

The things Abi gave Maddy...
We also had a Minnie cupcake set I had bought at the Disney store for $1 on a sale a few months before but didn't want to take on the flight with us.

She also got some Ninja turtle erasers.
It was such a fun night to have another little celebration in honor of our favorite 5 year old!

This girl!
She is hilarious and charming. Stubborn and strong willed. She is a light in our lives. She brightens every day and we can't imagine life without her.
She loves Pet Shops, Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty, Lego, Julius Jr. Winnie the Pooh, Princess Palace Pets and Care Bears.
But she also adds new things all the time and constantly changes what her favorites are..
She is a wonderful little dancer and loves putting on a show for everyone that cares to watch. 
She makes friends everywhere she goes. 
We love her so much!!

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Donna said...

She's such a cute girl. I love the things she loves! Happy 5th birthday to her!