Thursday, January 8, 2015

November random catch up

I have so much to update but I'll start with the random November moments... 

A week before our big Disney trip, Maddy fell running up our sidewalk and scratched her face up really bad. She was so upset about it and it was so sad. But so glad it wasn't worse. 
It was healing pretty good. But left a huge scab on her face.
We took the girls to the dentist for their check ups the week before our trip. Maddy freaked out and they had to do the whole cleaning with her sitting up.
But they loved being able to play video games while they waited.

They had a lot of fun playing in and jumping in the fall leaves. We had a really warm fall.
this is out of order but I love this picture of the girls being cute together. .

More leaf playing...

Doug was out of town the weekend before Disney. He went to Blizzcon in California. 
I let the girls have a campout in the family room while he was gone.

Then November 11th we left on our 10 day Disney World trip. 
I will post about the trip (which was awesome!) on our Disney blog but I will put links to each update on this blog. Hopefully that will be up soon. 

And then I will try to get to December over the next few days as well.


Seth and Julie said...

Wow, Maddy is looking grown up all of a sudden! And ouch, that scrape looks like it stung. Can't wait to see the Disney trip. I keep hoping to go one year in either November or December but Alyssa's competition season runs from November-December and they have somewhere to be eery single weekend. I guess I will have to find another time of the year that will work. Any suggestions?

Holly said...

So glad the scrape wasn't worse! Still not fun though. How fun that the girls had a fort and got to sleep in it. I loved that kind of thing as a kid.

The Kings said...

Fun pictures but poor little Maddy's face made me sad.