Friday, April 22, 2016

Some March and April moments

This picture was on the school website on a day when Abi won a prize so I had to download it!

Maddy and Abi are always drawing. 
I love how creative they are and I think they are quite talented. 
Abi made this picture when she was upset about not being able to solve her Rubik's cube. 

This one is by Maddy. 

Doug took the girls to a Valentine's daddy/ daughter dance back in February. This month they got the dance pictures back to us. 
So cute!

Abi won a Soaring Eagle award at school. 

And Maddy was chosen as an A Leader. 

One day Doug surprised the girls by coming home with a copy of Mario Maker. They played it together pretty much all weekend. 

One day I was sitting in bed reading and looked up to see this....

Abi made a Lego train. 

We finally had a few days of warmth to try out the new nearby park. 

Maddy drew me a map of the world.

On my birthday my sister and niece surprised me by stopping by and bringing me flowers!

I had decided not to make a cake or cupcakes for my birthday. 
But then after school, Maddy got into the car looking super sad. 
Apparently her teacher had told the kids that they would get brownies at the end of the day if they were really good. Maddy loves brownies and we don't make them often so she was really looking forward to it. 
Then at the end of the day the teacher gave them brown letter E's. 
Maddy kept it together until getting into the car and then started crying. 
They are just not really used to April Fool's pranks because we have never done them. 
I felt bad and I said, You know what... let's go get some brownie mix and I will make brownies for my birthday. 

We spent the following weekend watching General conference with the girls in their tent made of blankets. 

Abi and I checked out the Powerpuff yourself website and spent a lot of time making everyone into Power Puff girls. 
This one was a blooper when we were doing my sister. I accidentally hit the beard and Abi laughed so hard she could hardly breathe.

Abi made this one of her friend Elena. 

And her friend Kamryn. 

Anne of Green Gables

We were trying to get the other person to guess who we were making. 
Abi guessed this one correctly at this point. 
It is Voldemort. 

This one is Abi.



My mom... although that is ice cream rather than Starbucks. 

My dad. 

My brother

My sister

My niece Courtney

Obviously we had a lot of fun. 

Also, Maddy decided to open a water bottle with her teeth. 
And she loosened a tooth. 
This is her first loose tooth. 
We are hoping it will fall out soon.

Abi and I realized that somehow her hands have become the same size as mine.


The Kings said...

Loved all these photos!! The drawings the girls did were awesome...and loved my Power Puff girl and dad's football theme!

cheryl said...

Fun month!

Donna said...

Oh man. That brownie trick was pretty good on the teacher's part. Poor Maddy that it made her sad! You were so nice to make brownies after that!

cheryl said...

I know. It's pretty funny. Poor thing was so sad though.