Thursday, April 14, 2016


We always look forward to Easter. It is such a great day. 
We don't have church until afternoon so we did our baskets first thing. 

Maddy got a Shopkins Shoppie, a Peep stuffed animal, a drawing book and pad, and some candy.

Abi got two bunny stuffed animals, a small Lego set, a Pokemon Origami book, and candy.

I got the movie Brooklyn and some candy.

And Doug got some candy. 

This is when they were trying to wake up Doug. 

Maddy gets so excited that she is always blurry!

We finished the day with some great family reading and church. 
I made them each some new church bags with an Easter theme and they loved them and plan on using them even when it's not Easter. (I'll have to take a picture later)
It was a great Easter.


The Kings said...

As always I love sharing your moments in time by photos!

cheryl said...