Monday, April 4, 2016

Abi's School Program

Abi had her fourth grade program recently. 
They have been studying Utah history so the program had a Utah theme. Most of the kids were dressed up in western/ pioneer outfits. Abi took in her pioneer bonnet. For the most of the program it was pulled over her face and you could hardly see her face. Afterward she pulled it back like this. Haha. 
Here she is with her friend Henry after the program. 

And with her best friend Elena.....

At the end they all pulled out recorders and played a bunch of songs. 
Then they got to bring them home. Whoopee.


The Kings said...

The kids did an amazing program and I was so proud of Abi!!

The Kings said...

So fun to see her in her school program! It was really well done.

cheryl said...

So glad you were able to come!