Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ribbon Sculpture

This week I tried a craft I have been wanting to learn for a long time. 
Making ribbon sculpture bows. 
I went through all my ribbon and picked up some new colors as well. 
Got some no fray stuff at hobby lobby along with some googly eyes, alligator clips, and more glue for my hot glue gun. 
I spent time Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday working on them. It was pretty fun. 
Ughh.. sideways. Anyway- Abi asked me if I could make a bow and attach a mini pony. So we tried it. They are kind of heavy so I haven't attached them to a headband or clip yet. I think I will pick up some more heavy duty clips to attach them to.
The Sleeping Beauty on the left was my first. I am not at all happy with her. So I made a second that I like much better. 
Other bows- Tinkerbell and Rapunzel.
Little hula girls, Belle, Abi and Maddy dressed in Minnie Mouse inspired dresses, and Sofia the first.
Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Anna, and Elsa.
Ariel and Snow White
After finishing all of the Disney bows I wanted- I moved to holidays. 
Pumpkins, ghosts, and Turkeys.
Christmas trees and a Donotello for Maddy.
I will probably make a few more but wanted to be done for now to move onto some other projects.


The Kings said...

They are so cute! It was fun to watch you make some of them! I really like the holiday ones you made!

Donna said...

You're amazing. You can do anything!!