Sunday, September 14, 2014

Painted faces

Last week we went to our local Kid to Kid for their annual Halloween costume unveiling event. It was crazy. But so much fun. We ended up getting an adorable Minnie Mouse outfit for Maddy (not even a costume- a shirt and skirt from Disneyland Paris),a Halloween skirt for Abi, a summer outfit for Abi (too cute to pass up even if summer is over- it will be fine for around the house and will still fit her next summer as it is one size up) and a really cute Halloween hoodie for Maddy. We didn't end up leaving with any costumes but were so happy with what we got. The girls each got to pick out a free prize. Maddy got a pencil with this cupcake topper thing on the end and Abi picked out a huge tube of glow stick things. It had glow eyeglasses, earings, sticks, etc. Pretty cool. Then they got to get their faces painted as well. It was a really fun Saturday activity.