Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Second Easter egg hunt

We drove the hour back to my parents house for our second egg hunt.
It felt very different because there were hardly any kids.
I have two nieces and five nephews on the King side. One is on a mission, one was working, two were living out of state, and one was at a friend's party. So it was Mckenna, Matthew, and our girls. Felt so crazy.
Mckenna is so adorable and so good with kids and kept our girls entertained by being silly...
My mom had us do resurrection eggs before heading out to hunt for eggs.
Every year my sister Steph and her husband Dan bring a golden egg that has money in it. 
We haven't been to many of the egg hunts but usually one of the older teenage cousins is able to find these eggs first. 
But, since there weren't as many kids, our girls had a better chance of finding the eggs.
Abi was SO excited to find a golden egg after I had told her about them. 
She opened it up.
And... cheese puff.
She was so confused. And then uncle Dan told her there were some fakes and then one real gold one and one real silver. So she was on a quest to find the real one.

Maddy and Matthew searching..

That's a lot of eggs!
Then it happened. Abi found a golden egg.
She nervously opened it hoping to not find another cheese puff.
She was not disappointed!
She got ten dollars.
Soon after Dan gave us hints about the silver egg because no one had found it. We all started looking. And Maddy found it! She got five dollars.
We went inside and looked through all the eggs. Maddy liked the cheese puffs so Uncle Dan gave her the huge container of them.
McKenna being silly again.

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