Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Easter morning

The Easter bunny put our baskets in the family room.
Doug's basket was full of treats (even christmas oranges ordered from Amazon because they are his favorite...)
He also had a little card good for a trip he is taking with his friends this summer.
Mine had a few things of candy including my yearly monstrous bunny and the new Pirate Fairy movie.
Maddy  got a few treats, a Ninja turtle color wonder, the two ninja turtle figurines she didn't have yet, an ice cream Lego duplo set, the movie Frozen, and her little lamb (Lambia).
Abi had a couple of treats, Ariel lego set, Sofia the first figurine set, a Monster High movie, pencils, and her bunny. (Bunnia)
Abi and Maddy were so anxious to come downstairs but I made them wait for my mom and Doug.
The rest of the morning is captured on film, but mostly blurry. They were so excited they wouldn't stop moving!

Maddy's reaction to Frozen was the best. She picked it up, said, "WHAT!?!?", smiled,
then started giggling...

My mom ended up buying them each a little gift and then doing a scavenger hunt for them. 
Here is Abi with the first clue....
When she finally found her prize: 
a little Lego set

Maddy got a Ninja Turtle movie
It was a wonderful morning and relazing, fun day.
The girls didn't get Easter dresses this year... but I don't think they noticed. 

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Seth and Julie said...

Wow! You had Easter like 7 times! I always wonder if it would be as fun as I imagine to be near family, or if it would sometimes be overwhelming to try to get to everyone on every holiday, all the time. Probably both, but mostly fun, right? More celebrating and more love has to be a good thing to be overwhelmed about.

I also forgot to get Easter dresses but we had Stake Conference and were out of town anyway, so I don't think they would have gotten any mileage anyway. I actually thought your girls did have new dresses in these posts and Abi's white and yellow one is exactly like the one Alyssa wore to 5th grade graduation, only hers was pink.