Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Abigail's big news

Those of you on facebook will already know about this. So for those of you not following me on facebook:

A few months ago while we were still in Saratoga Springs, Abi's teacher sent home a note about the Alpine district A.L.L testing urging us to have Abi tested.
It is the district gifted/advanced program.
So we had her go. I didn't tell her what it was for so she thought it was just regular school testing happening on a Saturday for five hours. Ha. They basically test them at the grade level above them so since Abi is in second grade they told me she would be tested on the end of third grade level.
They also had an essay question and the teacher would need to submit a letter of recommendation.
During the first hour of testing they had a parent meeting and told us that if their test scores were above 95% (percentile of national average) they would automatically be in the program if there were room.
If they were 90-95 or if there were limited spaces available they would look at essay and teacher recommendations.
So, we have moved since then and are staying with my parents in a different school district but asked the school to forward the info to us either way.
So, a couple of weeks ago we got the letter saying she had been accepted into the program!
By this time we knew where we are going to be living by summer and it will not be in Alpine School district so I wasn't sure if they would still let her be in the program. 
So, I called the Canyons district and asked if they had an equivalent program. They do. It is called the SALTA program.
So I asked if she could be accepted into it based on her scores from the other test. 
They told me to fax them the scores and letter of acceptance as well as fill out an application she emailed to me. I did all of that and a few hours later got the call back.
She was accepted!
The best thing is that I wasn't too thrilled with the school she was going to be attending at our new place and had been feeling really uneasy about choices during the days before finding all of this out. They let me choose from the two schools in the district with program classes and one of them is less than 5 minutes from where we will live! And my mother in law squealed when I told her because apparently it is a great school and one of her friends used to work there. 
I finally told Abi the news that night.
We are all very excited for her!


Seth and Julie said...

Good job Abi! And good job to you for following up and looking for options after you moved as well. I was just talking yesterday about how Kenosha needs more options for gifted kids. They have so many good things that I have never seen anywhere else, free summer swimming and sports, fantastic music programs, etc, but they have dropped the ball with academically gifted kids. Alyssa just gets letters, from colleges and the district, telling her how far above the state level she is every year and a discount card to local businesses. Nice gestures, but that is not helping her to progress. You will have to keep us posted on the program that Abi is in. Again congrats to both of you...I am sure it is due in part to all of the work you did with her before she started school. You really helped to set her up for success.

Holly said...

We loved the Canyons school district before we moved here! I think you'll really like it there. Congrats to Abi!

cheryl said...

Thanks Julie! I hear you about Kenosha. There were so many things there that I have missed and wished they did here but I remember your struggle with that and that I couldn't find anything to help her in that way.
Holly- I am SO excited to be back up in Sandy. I have missed it. And I am sure Abi is going to love it there.

Donna said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad everything worked out the way it did too. Congratulations to Abi!