Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ninja Turtle Girl

I will get to more spring break later but one of the things we did was go with my mom to see the new Muppets movie.
We all really enjoyed it. 
The reason I am posting this photo though is to look at Maddy's outfit. Sometimes she is so proud of the clothes she puts together that I just say okay. This was one of those days. 
And you can see that she is wearing a Ninja Turtles shirt. 
She just had to have this when we saw it in Target a few months ago. 
Earlier in the year she found an old Ninja turtle action figure of Doug's in our basement and then he showed her a few episodes. Since then the obsession has started. She just LOVES the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
A couple of weeks ago, again in Target, we saw this new shirt. She squealed! Her other shirt came from the boy section and here was a girly pink one!
I just love it. 


The Kings said...

So funny in a cute way that Maddy likes Ninja Turtles and girly things.

cheryl said...

Yep! It is so cute. Doug loves that finally one of the girls is in to something he was into! :)

Donna said...

That is so funny that she likes TMNT! So cute and I love both of her shirts!