Thursday, April 17, 2014

A few randoms...

First of all, WOW, I have slacked off! 
The main purpose of starting up this new blog was that I was going to try to get back to my old routine of regular blogging. I have failed miserably! I have a few fun posts coming up of some things we have enjoyed over the past few weeks. But first, here are some pictures of random life here at my parents over the last month.
Abi likes to pretend she is a reporter. But whenever she does it she has to put on her boots. Here she was interviewing us. 
I am doing preschool pretty low key while we are at my parents house. We just do pages out of a workbook and reading lesson. 
As you can see here when she colors she almost always uses both hands.
One night when I went up to our room to sleep I found Abi asleep like this. With both legs in one leg of Doug's pajama pants and a pillowcase on her feet. So funny.
Maddy is silly as ever. She keeps us all very entertained with her singing and dancing and craziness.

There was one day when she walked around like this all day: in her pajamas with dress up necklace and sunglasses.
In other news for updates:

I am feeling great. After two weeks off of my methimazole I was not feeling so well so I went back on at a lower dosage. So far, no pain. So I am really holding out hope that it will stay that way. I really love the way I feel on this medication so I would love to be able to stay on it.

Also, in really exciting news....
We just booked our next trip to Disney World!! 
We reserved our same hotel and 10 days again later this year.
So, I am planning out all the things to sew and make, our movie nights, and having so much fun doing it! It will be a surprise for the girls again but this time we will let them know the day we leave instead of when we get there because I know that Abi would know what was happening as soon as we got in the car for a long road trip or on a plane. I can't wait. Of course, that means the next few months will have some fun blog posts.

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