Friday, April 18, 2014

My 37th

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 37th birthday. I usually spend most of my time behind the camera but I did it again on my birthday without realizing it.
My parents, the girls, and I went to IHOP for breakfast as is the tradition.
My mom with her yummy hot chocolate....
My first present of the day was a new iphone case. I put it on my phone before I took a picture of it and I didn't have my actual camera with me so I just took this picture of it in the car mirror. It is two of my favorite things. Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast and the Tardis and Doctor from Doctor Who.
I love it.
We dropped Abi off at school and then my parents, Maddy, and I went up to Orem to go book shopping and eventually meet Doug for lunch at Chili's. 
My mom had me pick out a book for my present and I used money from Doug's parents and my grandma and Aunt to buy some books as well.
Maddy being silly as usual...
One fun thing about being around my mom for my birthday is that I get a birthday cake! 
I never bother making one for myself so that's kind of fun.
My loot!
I got the white purse from Doug's parents along with the money I used to buy the second Spirit Animals book and Spindle's End. I also used my Grandma's money and the money from my Aunt for that. 
My mom bought me The Lost Kingdom. I haven't read it but wanted to get it when I saw it was the new book from Matthew Kirby, the author of Icefall (a book I LOVE)
Abi and Maddy made me lots of cards and pictures and Abi even gave me a pony.
From Doug and the girls I also got a cute little owl families are forever sign, a matching bookmark, The first in the new Five Kingdoms series by Brandon Mull, Dangerous by Shannon Hale, The second book in the Cragbridge hall series by Chad Morris, and The Mirk and The Midnight hour- the second book written by my friend Emily's mom. 
I always get all books for my birthday and I love it. 

Abi with my cake. 
It was a great birthday!