Thursday, April 24, 2014

Field Trip

I was excited to get picked to go on Abi's first field trip at her new school a few days after my birthday.
I love going on field trips with her... usually.
At first it was good. We met in her class. I got to meet some of her new friends. 
I got assigned five kids including Abi. The teacher did happen to tell me that she gave me a few of the kids that don't get along and to keep so and so away from so and so. 
Ooh. Fun. 
For some reason they stuck me and my group of kids with another teacher and her moms. 
I didn't think that would be a big deal. I don't know any of the moms so it really didn't make a difference. Or so I thought.
We were the last on the bus and crammed the six of us into two seats that were left.
Our first stop was at Olsen's greenhouse in Spanish Fork. That was really fun and interesting. 

After leaving I kind of thought we were going to go to lunch and then back to school. The note had said Olsen's greenhouse and farm field day. I just assumed they were the same thing.
We went to a park in Spanish Fork that I have been to with the girls before on visits. It was fun except holy cow try to keep track of six kids on a big park when there are other schools there as well. Super fun.
So, after the greenhouse on the way to the park, my kids and I were the first back on the bus and we took two seats again but this time we sat near the front. Nobody said anything.
But when we got in the same seats again because I was the only person back to the bus on time after lunch, we soon were confronted by a young 2nd grade girl freaking out at me that we were in her seats. 
I explained to her that there were no items left on the seats and that actually we were in these seats before we came to the park. 
She threw a fit and then finally sat somewhere else. 
Meanwhile, the mom sitting across from me with three kids taking up two seats as well started shooting me dirty looks. Two of the girls with her would look over at some of the kids I had and then whisper to each other and giggle. I was getting major stink eye. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever felt on a bus. 
Meanwhile the teacher was sitting by herself in the very front seat and chatting it up with stink eye mom.
We got to the farm and hopped off.
We were all in groups to go around to different trailers. It wasn't really a fun farm. Just a place to gather people from a bunch of different farms and tell kids whatever they wanted. 
There were only a few animals there..

No one would talk to me and I could hear them talking about the bus incident so I was just done. I wanted to go home. 
I love our ward here and I hadn't encountered the snobbery I dealt with in Saratoga Springs so I was just flabbergasted at the way this mom looked down on everyone. I felt like I had shown up to a party with a bunch of girls that had known each other since the womb and I was the new girl trying to break into the group.
And then... we all stuffed into another trailer. I was wondering why in the world the walls were covered with scantily clad super models. And then I saw the sign behind one of the young cowboys that said Mink. 
Uh.uh. No freaking way. 
I quickly told Abi I had to get out of there and I went out where I could still see the kids but not have to be in there looking at the guys. 
Many of you may know that I am 100% anti fur. I never believed that people should throw paint on something that people had purchased... but I used to put pamphlets in the pockets of the fur coats at the stores telling how fur is made.
So Abi came out and asked me about it and I was telling her why I feel the way I do on our way to the next trailer.
Cue dirty looks again. 
Yeah. I did not fit in. At all. 
Finally the torture at the farm was over and we were back on the bus to go home. This time the girl threw a royal fit and the stink eye mom was talking about us and I was just sick of it so I said, fine by all means let me move my five kids so you can sit here. If there was assigned seats we should have been told that when we got on the bus the first time and finally found room for us further back after having to ask a few kids if they would mind moving to a seat with another kid since they were alone. 
Got back to school and couldn't get home fast enough.
I usually try not to let things like this bother me but that day it really did. 
So glad I don't have to ever go on a field trip with those people again.


Holly said...

That sounds just horrible! I'm sorry you had to deal with that. There is nothing worse than a snooty mom. Just think how her children will grow up - just sick. You are a better person than me though - I probably would've said something way too snarky to the mom. Something not really appropriate for the kids to hear. =) Glad it's over.

cheryl said...

Yep. It was crazy. I didn't really say anything.... but trust me my facial expressions told the story. In fact, the school website had some pictures from it the other day and there I was in the back looking cranky.Oh well. :)

Donna said...

Field trip from hell! Those people sound like jerks, forget about them! That would have infuriated me. I'm anti-fur too and I love it that you used to put educational brochures in coat pockets!