Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Eighteen, part four- Angelina's and wandering Paris

After leaving the Louvre we walked through the Tuileries Garden on our way to Angelina's. 
I spy a tower!

I had heard that Angelina Paris had the best hot chocolate in the city so we wanted to try it. 
Angelina Paris, founded 1903

It was a very pretty cafe and very crowded!

The hot chocolate came a little jug that we could pour and then add cream to. 
We also each ordered a Mont Blanc, the signature pastry of Angelina. 
It was a meringue and cookie type texture covered in cream and then covered in the chocolate.

I heard that the hot chocolate tasted like a melted chocolate bar.. and it really did. 

The Mont Blanc was delicious but very, very sweet. 
Neither one of us could finish it completely but we are so glad we tried it. 

After our sweet stop, we walked back to the Batobus. 

We rode it back to our Eiffel Tower stop.

We had a date with the tower soon but wanted to take our things back to the room and freshen up and rest for a little while. 
So we walked right on by the tower. 

There is our hotel!

Next up: Eiffel Tower


The Kings said...

So glad you had heard about it and took us to Angelina's. It was such a cute place and the sugar rush was great getting too...I so enjoyed the Hot Chocolate and the Mont Blanc! Yummy!

cheryl said...

Me too. So yummy.