Monday, November 7, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Eighteen, part five- Eiffel Tower

After resting for a little while we walked back over to the Eiffel Tower for our appointment.

Having tickets beforehand meant, again, a shorter line. 
We arrived a bit early so we walked around taking pictures for a little while and avoiding the many, many guys trying to sell the plastic Eiffel towers. These guys were everywhere!

Soon it was time to go in and ride the elevator up to the first platform. 
They pack as many people as they can into the elevators. 
It was so crowded and I had to hold on to my mom to make sure we didn't lose each other!

We got off at level one and took some pictures before going higher. 

Zooming in on our hotel...

Ours is that backward, upside down L shape right there and our room was right there on the left. 

Then we went into the elevator to go up higher. 
We bought tickets to go all the way up. 
It was really cool to watch outside as we were going up. 
It felt SO much higher than it looks. 

Looking up at the top...

We walked all around the top and then went back down to the gift shops.

Upon getting to the bottom we took a few more pictures. 

We walked back through the gardens toward our hotel. 

Looking back as we walked...

We wanted to find a place to get dinner and we ended up stopping at this little spot close to our hotel. 

It was a nice place with really friendly people. 

My mom got an omelette jambon fromage with fries and a Coke. 
She said it was good. 

I ordered something that had been on my must try list: 
A Croque Madame sandwich
It came with fries. 
This was so delicious. 

After eating we went back to our room and washed some laundry in our sink and hung it to dry in our room. We just hung out the rest of the evening, watched a Doctor Who episode and the lights on the tower. 

Souvenirs from the Eiffel Tower:
I got a keychain that had a few of the attractions on it to use as a Christmas ornament, a little Eiffel Tower statue, and a bag of gummy Eiffel Towers for the girls. 

It was an amazing day!

Up next: Day 2 in Paris and Versailles


The Kings said...

It was truly amazing! to go up in the Eiffel Tower!! Wow! It was great to be so close!

cheryl said...

So amazing!