Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mother/ Daughter Day

A few weeks ago Doug went to Hong Kong for two weeks to visit his parents. 
On the day he left Abi and I had a mother/daughter day. 
Technically the reason she was out of school was that she had an eye appointment. 
Her teacher let me know that she had noticed her having a hard time seeing the board so I quickly made an appointment. 

Her eyesight isn't bad enough to need glasses all of the time but she does need them to see clearly far away. She had so much fun picking out her glasses. 
She went with these Hello Kitty brand glasses. 

We picked them out and they ordered them. 
Instead of taking her back to school, I let her pick a place to go to lunch. 
She chose Subway. 

Then we went to a nearby beauty school for haircuts. We sat next to each other and each got a trim. 
It wasn't quite as good as the other beauty school I have gone to before, but it was still fun to go with her for her first time in a "grown up" salon. 

Her hair looked so pretty afterward. 

After our hair was done we had to go to the school to pick up Madeline.

We had such a fun day!


The Kings said...

The salon is nothing like Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique but they did a good job...and I am glad you both got to have a special day together!!

Seth and Julie said...

Her new glasses are really cute. We just went through the same thing with Alex. He also only has to wear them to see the board which is good because he is a little insecure about wearing them all the time.

The Kings said...

I thought I had commented on this post too but obviously didn't. I wonder if I read it and then forgot to comment! I am so glad you and Abi got to have such a fun day together with haircuts and glasses. You made that a very special day for her...and she looks so cute in her new glassed!

cheryl said...

Luckily she isn't insecure about them at all since her best friend wears glasses too!

You did comment already mom! I guess I hadn't posted it yet. Sorry!