Monday, March 7, 2016

Abi's school award

A couple of weeks ago we got a letter saying that Abi was going to be awarded a citizenship award in an assembly at school. They celebrate different character traits and she was recieving an award for "friendship". They told us it stands for being kind and someone that everyone wants to be friends with. And the best part, the other kids vote for this so it means her peers think she deserved a reward for friendship and kindess. 
I am so proud of all she does but I think I am the most proud that she is considered kind. 
We weren't supposed to tell her and so we just showed up at the assembly without her knowing anything about it. 
There she is walking up to the front after they called her name. 

I love how she kept looking over to where Maddy was sitting and smiling at her.

It was really nice to be able to go up and hug her and congratulate her afterward. 

That day she also came home with a class award for "most creative". 


The Kings said...

Wow, two awards!! Tell her that I thought she looked so pretty in the photos!

cheryl said...


Seth and Julie said...

Nicely done, Abi! I think kind is about the best thing you can be. And it does mean even more when it comes from peers. Only they know who is really kind and who is putting on a show for the teacher.

cheryl said...

I think so too. The kids are more aware of what the other kids are really like. I have known a lot of kids that are perfect to the adults and then turn around and are crazy with their peers.