Monday, March 14, 2016

Field Trip

I was able to go to our capitol building with Abigail's class for a field trip. 
I was "in charge" of seven kids which was a little stressful as I am the kind of person that is constantly counting heads. But we had a lot of fun. 
I sat on the bus with Abi and her best friend Elena. 

When we first arrived they took us in a big room with the school district's government representatives and they talked to the kids about government and what they would be doing/ seeing. 
Then we broke up into smaller groups and went on a tour of the building. 
It is a beautiful building and it is where I attended Prom twice so it was kind of fun to be back and show Abi where we danced, stood for pictures,e tc. 
The woman in the orangy-pink colored shirt right there was our guide. She was great!

We walked into the room where they were voting on bills and we got to watch for a few minutes. 
Then we went to our senator's office and he talked to the kids for a while. 

When we were done with the tour we went out onto the steps to have our packed lunches. 

I had to get a picture of my great group of kids. They were all fun. 
I love this picture because of the fact that all three of Abi's best friends were in our group. 
And I think they look so cute all clustered together there. 
(Abi, Elena, Kamryn, and Charlotte)

After lunch we walked down the road and did a scavenger hunt at the Pioneer museum. 
It was a LONG field trip. And super tiring. We walked quite a few miles by the time we were done. 
But it was really fun and I'm glad I was able to go with her. 
After school we were able to go pick up Abi's glasses. 
She loves them so much and I think she looks adorable in them!


The Kings said...

What fun pictures and what a great field trip! I love Abi's new glasses!

Seth and Julie said...

I chaperoned a field trip yesterday so I feel your pain. I was stressed and counting heads the whole time. I realized that I am not cut out to tend more than 3 children at a time. I have never been the the Capitol building in Utah. What a fun place to have prom.

The Kings said...

What a special field trip day. I know you got really much walking...but I think visiting the State Capitol and spending time with Abi and her friends!

cheryl said...

It was really fun mom!

Julie- exactly. I don't think I could do more than my two very well full time. :)