Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hogle Zoo

We were beginning our studies of Africa in Geography and were talking about safari animals so I thought it would be a fun time to take a day and go to the Hogle Zoo. 
This zoo used to be the worst. 
They have been steadily improving it for years now and it is amazing what a difference it has made. There is still work to do so I am excited to see what it will be like when they completely finish. 

The girls next to the new statues near the entrance. 

Checking out the real giraffe

There was a dinosaur theme going on at the zoo this summer too. 
The girls really liked seeing the big dino statues!

There were a lot of cool new interactive exhibits. 

Abi really liked this window area where part of it jutted out so I could take a picture out of one window and get her on the other side. 

When we were over by the elephant area, Maddy had so much fun playing some instruments with these guys!

There is a new splash pad area and they had a ball in there. I let them get soaking wet in their clothes because it was really hot. 
There were a lot of kids in swimsuits but I had no idea it existed until we were there. Maybe next year we will be more prepared... or maybe they will just get their clothes soaked again. 

Posing as eagles..

One of my favorite areas... 

We stopped in the Asia area and my mom treated the girls to ice cream and herself and me to sodas. 

We rode the carousel of course. 

Time to ride the train!

At this point my mom had to leave. We walked her to the gate where she went to meet my dad and the girls and I went to the cafe for lunch. 
In hindsight I wish we would have just done a few more things and then left and gone to lunch somewhere else, but I thought it would be fun. 
Their food is not that great and it is really expensive. 

After lunch they wanted to go back to the splash pad and play for awhile and then we hung out in the gift shop. 

It was a very fun day!
I will post some videos in the next post! The dinosaurs really moved so it was pretty cool. 


Seth and Julie said...

It looks like they have made some nice improvements. I never thought Hogle Zoo was the worst (I'm looking at you Racine), but it certainly wasn't as nice as some other zoos I have been to. Judging by the girls faces, it look like a lot of fun now. I love those lion drinking fountains. We had one at our local park growing up and it always makes me so happy when I see one.

The Kings said...

A really fun day at the Zoo and I also love the nice changes they are making.

cheryl said...

Ok the weirdest thing happened. I checked my blog to see the comments and noticed only a few pictures were showing and some text of what was originally a very long post with an abundance of pictures. I went onto the html part and fixed it. So if you see this comment you will maybe want to come back and see the whole post! Crazy!