Monday, August 31, 2015

Around the World in Ten Weeks: Egypt

Egypt was one of my favorite Geography days this summer! 
We used the kinetic sand that the girls already had for dinosaur play. I took some little Egypt landmarks from a TOOB set and buried them in the sand. 
The girls had to play archaeologist and dig them out. 
(This was especially fun for Maddy because as of right now that is what she wants to be when she grows up!)

A few of our supplies. 

The girls colored paper pyramids which they later cut out and taped into pyramid shapes. 

Then we used some dolls (similar to Barbie but from the dollar store) and made some papier mache to make the dolls into mummies. 

This is the only shot I have of Abi making them because she did a few strips and then was done. 
She hates feeling slimy things. So I had to finish hers.

Maddy really enjoyed it. 

The finished wrapped mummies. It took a few days for them to dry. 

That afternoon we used some hieroglyph pages to figure out codes, make cartouches, and make up our own languages with pictures. 

We read a story. 

We colored some pictures. 

These are some of our books that were used...

For a snack we made some Egyptian cookies. I got the recipe on Pinterest. 
These looked good. But they really weren't. 
They tasted like a bite of flour with a cashew in it. 


The Kings said...

Loved your Egypt activity and the U.S. one too.

cheryl said...

Thanks. It was one of my favorite days.