Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Around the World in Ten Weeks: Russia

Our Russia day was really fun! 
First, here is a picture of the book that I got from the library and used all summer long. 
This book has so many stories from so many different countries. It was a really great resource. 

We started out our day with a flag game. It is a lot like Spot it. 

We learned about Russia and colored in the flag. 

They colored some Boris Bear coloring pages. 

The story we read from the above book...

They colored some nesting dolls. 

And for most of the time we were listening to Tchaikovsky on YouTube.

We had some Russian nesting doll jewelry boxes that they painted. 

For dinner that night I made a recipe I found online. 
It was basically dough with a meat mixture inside. 
I just blanked on the name of it but I will add it when I remember. 
It was really good. 
We ended the day watching Anastasia. 

Before I changed the bulletin board to put up our Russia stuff I got this picture of our Japan day things. 


Seth and Julie said...

How fun to make your own nesting dolls. I have always loved those things for some reason.

cheryl said...

Yeah they really loved that activity!

The Kings said...

Very fun activity. I thought it was great that you listened to that great composer while you did stuff. He is my favorite.

cheryl said...

It was so nice mom. I loved the music. This was another of my very favorite days.