Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My word for 2017

This year I am recycling a word from an earlier year. 
I have tried to use a different word each year since the time that I started picking one, but this year every time I thought about it this word popped into my head. I knew that it really is the word I want to remind myself of every day to accomplish the things I want and need to throughout 2017.
So what is that word? 


 Why am I picking this word for 2017?
Simple. It is something I need to remember every day. 
I am very adept at becoming distracted. 
If I don't make myself focus I bounce around like crazy. 
As a kid or teenager, cleaning my room turned into "ooh, I want to play with this..."
As an adult, well, I'm pretty much the same way. 
I look up a youtube video about something in particular which turns into some YouTube binging. 
I put down a book for a few minutes and find myself surfing Instagram. 
I clean one room only to find myself realizing that it needs to be organized RIGHT THAT SECOND instead of saying, "I'm doing this now, but let me set a time to do that later."
So, there is a lot I want to accomplish this year. 
I want to make sure that I make working out a priority. 
I want to spend as much time reading as possible. 
I want to make sure my family is doing what we are supposed to and we are spending quality AND quantity time together. 
I want to make sure that I have time for the hobbies I love (Instagram, reading, crafts, writing) while still getting done the things I need to get done. 
I don't feel like I need to be busy all of the time. In fact, quite the opposite. 
I am fine with having lazy days and for my kids to be able to spend time playing, reading, and pursuing their own hobbies rather than enrolling them in a million things just because I feel like I should. 
I even take a day off every month where I don't have to do anything but read and the obligatory familial duties like cooking and getting the kids to school. 
So, in order to get all of this done, and done well, while still having time to indulge in quiet, restful times I need to make sure I stay focused on my goals and my schedule. 
I am using the Mormon Mom Planner, Mothers Who Know, again this year and I will share on another day how I have set it up to help me with this. 

Have you picked a word for 2017
How are you about staying on task?  


The Kings said...

DITTO! Funny you picked the word "FOCUS". I was experiencing that this morning as I had set this morning to first catch up online and then do my Activity Day preparations for next week and then take down more Christmas decorations. Then I started looking at the tree, etc. and thinking I had better do that now...and then I said "NO"...I have to focus and keep to my plan. So that will be my word this year too:-)

cheryl said...

THat's funny!! Thanks for sharing that I'm not the only one. :)