Thursday, October 13, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Sixteen, Part Three- Les Hautes Sources

After leaving the Cemetery it was time to head to our bed and breakfast for the night. 
We wanted to be close to Giverny and I found this place online that had great reviews and looked beautiful. It is called Les Hautes Sources. If I ever make it back I will stay there again. I loved it. 

We were already behind schedule and so we were trying to get there as quickly as possible. 
We thought we would try to stop for dinner along the way but there wasn't anything. 
We soon got into the little town of Menilles (Mini) and weren't that impressed. 
The GPS took us to the wrong spot so I put the address into my phone and backtracked a bit and went up a very large hill. 
I still couldn't find the place so I called the owner. 
He told me he would come out into the street so we would see him. 
As we drove back down the hill we saw him waving. 
We pulled in through the gate and were immediately smitten . Both by the place and by Amaury, the owner. He was very charming and so friendly. 
The family lives in one building and then the other buildings are used as the bed and breakfast. 
This place was gorgeous. 
He showed us to our room. 
It was in this building, the balcony was ours. 

The stairway to our room...

Our room: 

It was very beautiful and cozy and felt very French. 
We had an awesome view. 

The bathroom: 

Amaury told us that there would be no where open for dinner close by. 
We went into the little kitchen where you can buy snacks on the honor code and got some chips and drinks and then went to our room and had those with some more Zone bars. 
We read for a while, cleaned sand off of us and out of our coats and purses, and just enjoyed the relaxing, comfortable environment. 
We slept great and woke up to the birds singing. The only sound we could hear!


The Kings said...

It was an amazing place to stay and Amaury was a very gracious host and trying so hard (and actually very well)to speak English to us. He appreciated that we tried our little knowledge of French too. Loved it there. I would recommend it to anyone visiting there.

cheryl said...

Agreed. I would always stay there as long as they are still running it.