Monday, October 31, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Eighteen, part one- Notre-Dame Cathedral

On Friday, April 22nd we had to pinch ourselves as we woke up to our view of the Eiffel tower!
We ate some zone bars and got ready knowing that we needed to leave as soon as we could. 
We wanted to get to Notre-Dame Cathedral right at opening. We planned on using the Batobus to get around Paris and they wouldn't be going that early and it was a bit more of a walk than we wanted that morning so we got a taxi in front of our hotel. 

When we got to the Cathedral we stood outside for a few minutes just basking in its beauty. 
I took some pictures of course. 

When we went inside there was an early morning service going on that we were able to listen to as we walked around. It was amazing. 
It was dark and candle-lit and we were two of only about ten people there not in the service. 
It was beyond anything I imagined it would be. 
We both had an instant spiritual feeling and we both loved this cathedral so much. 

When I saw this painting of Mary holding Jesus it brought tears to my eyes. I think that was the most intense feeling I have ever gotten from seeing a piece of art. 
We both said our daily prayer while in here because it just felt so good and the Spirit was so strong. 

"The Nativity of the Virgin" by the brothers Le Nain (1640)

The stained glass was spectacular. 

As we left the Cathedral (reluctantly) we walked all around the entire Cathedral so we could see it from every angle. 

This was one of my very favorite places of our entire trip and definitely one of the top of Paris. 
I am so glad we went when we did as I am not sure we would have had the exact same experience if the Cathedral had been crowded. 

A video from the cathedral. Sorry it is sideways...

Next up: a bookstore I have wanted to go to for as long as I can remember!


The Kings said...

Totally amazing experience! I am so glad we visited here. The spirit felt was so special and the opportunity to pray there and feel so happy and peaceful was something I won't forget! Plus the beauty was magnificent!

The Kings said...

Oh ...I also have to comment on the beauty outside the cathedral! You captured the architecture and the beauty of the trees in bloom so beautifully!

cheryl said...

Thanks Mom! I love looking back at the pictures. It is such an amazingly beautiful place.. and like you, I will never forget how I felt there. It was a perfect start to our first full day in Paris.