Thursday, June 2, 2016


Hey- just wanted to let you know I won't be doing a reading wrap up or book haul for May until June is over. Then I will be doing them together. 
Mainly because I don't have the time or access to my books at the moment. 
They are all packed up. 
I was going to wait to announce it until closing but it is going to be sometime in the next week and a half so I feel pretty confident posting about it. 

We are buying a house!

I am so excited to finally be back in our own place and one that has room for everyone and everything!
I will tell you more about the house with pictures once we are in it. 
But until then my days have been CRAZY.
I am fighting the worst cold I have had in years and trying to get the girls last week of school over and packing up the house.... 
so I pretty much have only had time for sitting down every few days to do a trip post. 
I will try to keep doing those every few days and then as soon as we are settled in the new house I will have more time for reading and posting about reading!

See you soon!


Seth and Julie said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see the new place! Nearby, I hope, so you don't have to leave the school you love?

Donna said...

Congratulations on your new house!! That's so exciting! I look forward to seeing pictures of it. I hope your cold gets better soon and that packing and moving go well. Sounds like a crazy-busy time!

cheryl said...

Julie- thanks! I am so excited about it. The whole story will be up once we are in it and it really feels meant to be. Unfortunately we don't get to stay in the school. That was one thing I was so adamant about but all the houses in areas within 20 minutes of the school were either too expensive or super crappy. Luckily the school system where we are going seems to be really good too.

Donna- Thanks! We are so excited. Going from where we are now to our new house will feel like moving into a palace.
My cold has definitely improved. I still can't hear out of one ear and have a cough but it isn't nearly as bad as the end of last week! My dr. put me on kids antibiotics at a really high dose as I had a really bad ear infection that may have ruptured since that has happened to me once before and I am allergic to the main adult antibiotic. Hopefully it will be a thing of the past soon!