Thursday, June 23, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Five, Part One- Dover

We woke up early on Saturday April 9th and went to the main building to check out. 
This was the door to the annex where our room was. 
The night/ early morning manager was outside walking around so he helped us with our luggage. 
Then he took us to the dining room. 
I really thought he would just have some toast out by the front desk or something but he had opened up the dining room and had it set up really nice for us.
This was the view of the cathedral from the dining room. 

We were able to have pastries, cereal, fruit, yogurt, and an assortment of bread with jams and marmalade. 
It was great. 

He was so nice and stayed for a few minutes to talk to us about the things we were doing and planning on doing. 
Soon it was time to leave. 
I had to get a few more pictures of the Cathedral!


This was my cute car. 
This thing was so quiet that you couldn't even tell it was on most of the time. 

The Cathedral grounds were so pretty. 

We drove about thirty minutes south to the cliffs of Dover. 
It was a really nice drive. There weren't many other cars out yet and the scenery was beautiful. 
As we got close to the cliffs I had to pull over to get some pictures. 

Dover Castle:

As soon as we parked we got out to walk along the cliffs. 
There were two paths- a higher one and a lower one. They looked the same to us at first and like the lower one might be better so we took that one. 
It was pretty windy and cold but BEAUTIFUL!

We had to kind of lean over the edge to get a really good look and take some good pictures...

Prepare for picture overload....

hey there France!

We walked back to the beginning of the path and decided to take the upper path as well. 
Then we felt kind of dumb because it was a bigger path and had just as good of views without having to lean over the edge! In fact there were benches and a fence. 

22 miles to France from here.

The other direction wasn't as pretty as it was where there were a lot of docks with ferries coming in and out, tons of semi trucks. We could smell exhaust and hear the more industrial type sounds. But just walk down the path a bit and it was serene and so pretty. 
We would have loved to spend more time here and walk all the way to the lighthouse but we had an appointment to make a few hours away (not in the original plans but more on that later!) so we had to keep it semi short. But we were still so glad that we came here. It was a wonderful place. 

Next up: Highclere Castle


The Kings said...

The White Cliffs of Dover were so cool and I loved it even though it was so windy! The song "The White Cliffs of Dover" was a popular English song during WWII. Thanks for going there and taking me with you!!

Seth and Julie said...

That actually reminds me of a place where we hike around in San Pedro, California. So peaceful!

cheryl said...

Mom- me too. I am so glad we went there. It was a beautiful experience.

cheryl said...

Julie- it was so peaceful. Once we got away from the industrial view it was so nice. So pretty. All of England really felt that way to me. It was just so beautiful everywhere we looked that my soul just felt pretty content most of the time.