Friday, February 19, 2016

Valentines Day

The girls both celebrated Valentines day in their classes a few days before Valentines Day. 
This was Maddy's first school Valentines day and she was so excited. 
They both wanted to make Pokemon themed boxes so we printed off faces of the Pokemon they wanted, wrapped shoe boxes in yellow construction paper and taped on the characters. They were both very happy with their creations. 
I forgot to take a picture in the morning so I made them pose with their boxes after school. 

Valentines morning I set up the table with some roses given to us by Doug's parents, a hedgehog we named "Hedgy Potter" given to us by my parents, some disposable sticky place mats made by Mark and Callie (you can buy them here)  , a few gifts for the girls (a book for each, a small Lego set for Abi and shopkins for Maddy as well as chocolates), hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls. Then we called the girls out. 

 They were so excited.

We had a really nice family day and then I finished the day by watching Austenland. 


The Kings said...

Fun photos! The girls really made cute boxes...and what a fun VALENTINE table!!

The Kings said...

Very fun Valentines pictures! What fun you made it for your family and I love the boxes the girls made!

cheryl said...

They had so much fun