Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our Year so far....

 Madeline got the Principal's Soaring Eagle Award. She was so excited. 
You might remember that last year Abi got this award too so Madeline already knew what it was and she was so proud. She loved getting to go to school early to get a special pencil and certificate from the principal.

Later that day I got to school early to pick them up and got to see Maddy coming in with her class. She looked so cute walking along with her arms folded. 

 When the girls had Martin Luther King day off from school we spent the day watching water color tutorials on YouTube and painting our own versions.

It was also Winnie the Pooh day so we had a picnic for lunch and watched the cartoons. We also made Vanilla Honey milkshakes. 

Maddy had her very first school field trip. I was lucky enough to get picked to go with them. 
We went to Capitol Theater to see a dance presentation so we had a long bus ride. 
She was so excited!

There were a lot of schools there and it was a MADHOUSE! I was so glad I wasn't in charge and so, so glad that I was there to hold my little girl's hand because it would have been so easy for a kid to get lost here. I was in charge of four other kids as well and I was constantly counting heads on our way in and out to make sure they were all sticking close to me. 

The theater is so beautiful and it was fun to be there again with Maddy (I have been there many times but Maddy had just been once before when we went to the Nutcracker a couple of years ago). 
The dance presentation however was.... interesting. 
It was supposed to be geared toward kids so I was expecting something really fun and upbeat. 
It was quite dark with loud, mechanical music, crazy costumes, and some interesting themes. I kept hearing kids around me saying "This is so creepy!" 
There were two numbers that were really cool visually but I feel like it would be much more appreciated by artsy adults than by children. 
There were a few times when I felt like I was in the middle of a Pretty Little Liars episode. It was odd.

Abi and I went to our library's mother and daughter book club for the first time. 
The book was Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's library so we HAD to go. 
We had so much fun that we now want to try to go every month. 
They had puzzles for us to figure out while we waited for it to start. 

Then the librarian in charge taught the kids some things about the author and we discussed the book. 
I was so happy to see Abi raising her hand to answer questions!
Then she split the kids into four groups and they were sent on a scavenger hunt in the children's section using clues. It was SO much fun. 

It ended with a craft and snacks (not really related to the book but fun nonetheless). 
They made duct tape bags.

We knew that Doug's parents were going to be leaving on another mission. They came home unexpected from their mission to Hong Kong because they were asked to serve in a different place and were told to come home to spend time with family before leaving for the next area. They couldn't tell us where they would be going until they received the word in the mail. 
So last week they called us all over on a Monday night to read their new call. 
They will now be going to Vietnam to help open up the new Hanoi mission. 

They are trying to pack in as much as they can before leaving again. 
Last Friday night Doug's mom took all of the daughters-in-law out to eat and chat. 
(Doug's sisters Melinda and Wendy live in other states and couldn't be here for it)
We went to a Mexican restaurant I had never been to. It was a lot of fun. 
Callie, Samantha, Katrina, myself, and Christine (Doug's mom)
(counter clockwise from left)

I was able to finally get a turn volunteering in Maddy's classroom this week. Most parents that could volunteer signed up at the beginning of the year for a certain day every month and so she sends out an email every month of any days that have opened up.  We weren't in this class back then so I don't have a specific day. It was a lot of fun to watch her in her class and sneak a few pictures. 

Tuesday we had Parent Teacher Conferences. 
They were awesome. They are both at the top of average or above average in everything. Neither one has ever gotten in trouble. This sounds super braggy. But I am so proud of how well they do at school. 
I also learned that reading fast is definitely hereditary! I am a really fast reader which is why I can get through books so fast. I have had people say that I can't be savoring them or getting all the info but I actually am. I just read fast naturally. Always have. 
In Maddy's class her teacher said that by the end of first grade she should be able to read 52 words per minute and she is already at 130 with accuracy and comprehension. 
And Abi is at 260 also with 100% accuracy and comprehension. 
So, see it runs in the family!
Maddy's teacher also told me that she is shy and quiet in class. Always listens and follows every direction the first time. 
I was like, shy? Huh? 
The one thing we have to work with her on is getting her math facts quickly. She said she can always figure out the equation but their tests are timed and she doesn't always get the answer quickly enough so we need to do flashcards and things to make it faster.
Abi's teacher told us that she has blossomed over the past few months gaining in confidence and making a lot of really close friends. She told me that she credits it to Pokemon. She said that ever since Abi got into Pokemon it gave her something to really connect with the other kids about. 
At the end of each meeting the kids get a number to take to the book fair and a few kids get $10 worth of free books. 
Abi got 13 this time and I said, "Hey it's our lucky number. Maybe you will win this time!"
And she actually did!

I always let them each pick out one book from the fair so Abi was able to get two and was really happy. 
We had a lot of fun at Parent/ Teacher night!

Today Abi has her first science fair at school. She did her project on water evaporation because she wanted to know whether it would dry faster on wood or carpet. 
This was the first time ever that she has really procrastinated on a school project. We have been constantly reminding her to get it done for weeks!
Finally last night she put her poster together and finished it. 
I forgot to take a picture of the final project so I will have to do that when she brings it home but for now here she is working on it....

That's it for January and February so far! 
How is your 2016 going thus far? 


The Kings said...

Very fun pictures! You keep me up to date on the girls activities but it is so much fun to see the pictures that go with the activities! I hope Abi enjoyed the Science Fair and did well.

cheryl said...

Glad you enjoy seeing them!

Seth and Julie said...

I asked in a previous comment where Doug's parents are going now, but I should have just been patient because you just told me. How crazy and exciting to be setting out on another huge adventure.

Also, you are allowed to be super braggy about your kids. I have one child who is very academically inclined and I brag her up all the time. I have two who struggle for every grade and I brag about them all the time too for working so hard. Then I have one who is athletic and I brag about how easily she picks up new sports and another who trains 6 days a week to keep up because it is hard for her. I brag as much about what they work hard at as what they are good at. I think every kid should be bragged about and encouraged for every accomplishment and every attempt, so brag on.

cheryl said...

Thanks. I agree. I try to be mindful of how I say it so it doesn't come off obnoxious but I do feel like bragging about them sometimes!
And I love it when you brag about your kids. Haven't seen them for years now but I still love them!

cheryl said...

I meant to say "brag" because I never feel like you are really bragging either.