Thursday, May 26, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Three- Bath, England part three- Bath and our hotel

After we left Sally Lunn's, we walked over to the River Avon to walk to Pulteney bridge. 
The scenery was just so pretty.

There it is!

If you have seen the film version of Les Miserables, you may remember this bridge and part of the River Avon from a very important Javert (Russell Crowe) scene.

At this point there were still so many things we wanted to see but we knew we needed to get going to our hotel to check in. We walked back over near the Abbey and began to look for a bus back to the car park. We couldn't find one. We walked around for SO long trying to find the bus. Finally we saw one that looked the same and asked the driver. He gave us directions to where we needed to get the bus going back to the car park. 
We finally found it and rode back to our car. 
I was so nervous to start driving it again. 
I decided that it would be a good idea to drive around the car park for awhile so I could get used to the brakes before getting out on the real road with other drivers. I was circling over and over again and it wasn't getting any better. 
Then my mom said, "Is there a reason you are using your left foot on the brake?"
I looked down and realized that I really had been using my left foot on the brake and my right foot on the gas.
I started driving the correct way and suddenly.... the brakes were totally normal. 
Oh my gosh. 
I put the car in park and we both just sat there laughing for a few minutes. It still makes me laugh when I think about it. 
I have no idea why I did that. Something in my brain must have malfunctioned as soon as I started driving on the right side of the car. Who knows. But yeah, that was hilarious. 
I was so happy to realize that my car was not going to be lurching to a stop the entire time and I got back out on those roads. 
I was really nervous as I drove around but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

We had really wanted to see the Crescent and the Circus but didn't have time... and then on our way to the hotel we just happened to end up in the Circus roundabout!
I told my mom to just start taking pictures with my phone as I drove around it.

When we got out on the smaller road taking us out of the city I was even more nervous. The roads here are SO small. Every time a car came at me from the opposite direction I was sure we were going to run into each other. Well, I had no idea what I was going to be facing later. These roads were huge compared to some that I would later drive. 
I wasn't sure about the speed limit either. I wasn't seeing any signs with it posted. I later looked it up and found the speeds for different kinds of roads (not that I always drove according to them as I will talk about later). 
Soon we were turning up a VERY steep hill. So glad I didn't have a stick shift. And then pulling into the driveway of our hotel for the night. 
This was the view. 

It was a beautiful hotel in a beautiful setting. 

Soon after checking in it began to get dark outside. 
This was the view from our window...

I had to get a picture of Jennifer Rain on the window sill.

There was a cute cat on the ground below our window that I made the mistake of talking to. It kept returning to the space under our window all night meowing at me. We were on the top floor so it couldn't get to us but it sure wanted to. I even dreamed that it had somehow got up there and climbed in during the night. 
When we were ready for dinner we went down the restaurant at our hotel. 
My mom had soup again. I can't remember what kind but I think it was a potato vegetable. Mom, do you remember? She also had a sandwich with it. 
I ordered the BLT sandwich. It came with salad and chips (crisps) but I didn't know that so I ordered fries (chips) as well. 
I think my mom enjoyed hers. I can't remember. 
My sandwich and salad were great. I didn't like the chips much so I only ate a couple of those and then had a couple of the fries that were pretty basic.

After dinner we went outside to take a little walk around the place but ended up only staying out there for a few minutes. It was very cold and very dark. 
I got this picture looking into the dining room from outside.

Then we went back up to our room to get ready for bed. 
The room was pretty small but it was very comfortable. 

I only bought one souvenir in Bath. 
Abi loves chocolate coins so I thought it would be funny to bring her this one from the Roman Baths. It is real chocolate and looks like a Roman coin. It was bigger than my hand.
She was so excited!

Next up: Day Four, Stonehenge!


Seth and Julie said...

Oh my gosh! The driving with two feet thing is too funny! I am glad you figured out what the problem was. I can't imagine adjusting to the other side of the road. I love that hotel. I wish all buildings in the whole world were at least 100 years old. Why don't we build anything with character anymore?

Donna said...

That bridge from Les Miserables is so cool. I really admire you for driving in England. There's no way I'll do it when I go there (whenever that will be!). And that is funny that you were using your left foot on the brake! I'd do something like that too. Good thing your mom noticed! I'm loving these detailed posts about your trip. It's giving me such a good idea of what England is really like.

cheryl said...

Julie- Right? I felt like such an idiot. I agree. Everything should be built the way things back then were. They are so beautiful!

Donna- I know! I loved the bridge. It has a bunch of shops on top too. I still can't believe I was driving like that. So lucky I didn't get ran into. :) Thanks. Driving was quite scary. But now that I have done it I feel pretty confident in doing it again if I ever have to.