Sunday, September 17, 2023

Second Week of School

I didn't take many pictures of our second week of school, but it was a good one. 
The only pictures I took: 

We had apple day this week. Traditionally we would have gone apple picking, but we don't have anywhere to do that, so instead we had apple shaped sandwiches, apple slices, and homemade caramel dip. Then later in the day I made apple dumplings. 

For tea time this week, we had puzzle cookies and apple cider. It went along with our geography lesson, so we had it in the schoolroom during that class. 

British Literature

 I am also doing school this year! I'm doing the Master Books British Literature. this is just one shelf of the books I will be reading to complete this course. I am very excited about it. 

First Day of School

 Our first day of school pictures: 

Madi, 8th grade

Abi, 12th grade

We had a teatime with apple cider and donuts... 

We had a fun little lunch like we did when they were little. 

It was a good day and a good start to the new school year!

The 2023/2024 Schoolroom is ready!

I set up our Fall decorations before we started school, so I had it all cozy when the girls came down for breakfast on our first day of school. 

I had the school room all set up and ready to go....

I always try to give them one toy/ special item and a treat. 
So, Abi found her new weekly work folder along with a beyblade toy and KitKats. 

Madi found her new folder and some of her books along with a new drawing book and some Pocky.


Back to School feast

 On Wednesday night, the 6th, we had our annual back-to-school feast. We had chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn. It was a fun night, and I was so excited to be finally getting back to school!

Kindled Podcast

    I was invited to be on the Kindled podcast right before we started school. We "met" on Instagram and she reached out to me after a few messages. She called and we talked for about 45 minutes. Then she invited me to record the podcast the next day.
So, Wednesday the 6th she called over zoom and we recorded for over two hours!
It would be released over the next two weeks in two episodes. 


2023/2024 curriculum

These are the subjects we will be doing together: Answers in Genesis Bible, hymn study, Master Books and Tuttle Twins logic, Master Books biblical archaeology, Notgrass history, Master Books Geography, Master Books Christian Heritage, Abeka Culinary Life Skills, and a lot of read-alouds. (not pictured)

Abi will be continuing with Life of Fred for algebra as well as for Financial Choices. 

Madi picked fairy tales and retellings for her literature this year. 
The originals are coming from Hans Christian Anderson and the Fairy Tale Collection book,. 
After every two fairy tales I am inserting a regular book. 

Abi chose learning about literary time periods for her literature. I used Master Books' American, World, and British literature as well as Oxford alumni to pick books and excerpts. She will read the books pictured along with the poems, short stories, and excerpts in the binder. It is a vigorous course, but looks really fun. 

For science Abi is doing Master Books Human Body part one and two.

For the rest of her language arts she was going to be using the following books, but we realized it is all things she already knows, so from this picture she will really just be finishing the Spelling Power and doing the cursive. 

For Madi's language arts she is doing cursive, Practical spelling grade 8, and Master Books Writing Strands. 

For Madi's science she is doing year one- Weather, Ocean, Mineral, and Astronomy from Master Books.